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Migrate to the Cloud

Lift and shift never worked for migrating on-premises workloads to the Cloud. Expert help is here to level up your cloud migration that will save costs, while increasing performance and release velocity.

DevOps Consulting

Adopting DevOps best pratices has become an industry standard, but also a buzzword. Learn to establish practical tools and processes to be a high performing engineering organization without all of the hype.

Custom API Development

Off the shelf solutions and cloud services are great, but sometimes a personal touch is needed for a specific use case. Get a custom web API that exactly meets your business needs, is written following the latest in technology and web standards, and is blazingly fast.

Custom Mobile Development

Mobile devices are in the hands of your customers. Reach them by providing a custom experience with iOS and Android applications.


picture of ryan ross

Hey there. I'm Ryan.

I work by day as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer for a software as a service company. I focus on observability and reliability of distributed systems built on Kubernetes. I work with: Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm, ArgoCD, Datadog, PagerDuty, Istio, and Calico, to name a few.

By night and off hours I work as an IT consultant. I have been working with technology for almost a decade. From stacking servers in a datacenter for a supercomputer to building, automating, and running applications at massive scale in the public clouds with Kubernetes, I've seen a lot. I can draw on my diverse experience from hardware to software to help your business make cloud adoption easy.

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